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About Middle East WealthTech Awards 2023 🏆

The Middle East accounts for most UHNWIs & HNWIs globally. The next-gen of customers are most likely to embrace WealthTech solutions. Embarking on the success of the first two editions in 2021 & 2022, Verve Management is pleased to introduce the 3rd Middle East WealthTech Awards 2023, which will recognize & empower the new tech benchmarks set by the wealth management companies & banks from the entire middle east region. The 3rd Edition Middle East WealthTech Forum 2023 raises critical questions on the major hurdles the wealth management industry would face in 2023 and beyond, and which technological innovations would help them tackle these challenges to succeed further.

Last date of nomination 23-04-2023.

Best Private Wealth Management Company of the Middle East 2023
Top Bank in Wealth Management of the Middle East 2023
Leading Wealth Tech Adopter of Middle East 2023
Outstanding Digital Customer Experience in the Middle East 2023

Most Innovative Wealth Management Strategy of the Middle East 2023
Best AI or Robo Investment Provider of The Middle East 2023

Top Family Office of The Middle East 2023

Best Portfolio Management of The Middle East 2023
Most Innovative Client Lifecycle Management of The Middle East 2023
⦿ Please ensure that all nominations are submitted through the official link provided by Verve  Management

⦿  The official language of communication would be English, all the communication sent should be in English for the jury to evaluate with convenience

⦿  Please note that all the information requested in the nomination form is mandatory and must be provided in its entirety. Any nominations with incomplete or irrelevant information will not be considered and will be disqualified.

⦿  For each category, a separate nomination needs to be filled

⦿  In case you have any supporting documents to accompany your nomination, please upload them along with the form. The more supporting documents you provide, the more weightage and credibility your nomination will have in the eyes of the jury

⦿  All the nominations will be evaluated by the appointed honorable jury members.

⦿  Jury’s decision will be final and cannot be challenged

⦿  In case of a tie, Jury Chairperson will have a final call

⦿  The nomination information will be kept confidential and only accessed by a designated jury and assigned personnel at Verve Management. This information will remain confidential and will not be disclosed or shared through any public channels

⦿  If necessary, the nominator may be contacted to provide further information

⦿  The winner will be announced by the jury members or Verve Management during the awards evening only

⦿  Upon submission, nominators will receive an automatic acknowledgment from Verve Management confirming the receipt of their nominations via email

⦿  For any more queries you can reach out to