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AGDelta is a leading Digital WealthTech company serving the Private and Wealth Management industry in Asia , Europe and the Middle East. With a multi-product , multi-segment, multi-channel modular platform. We focus in enpowering Front Office (RM’s , IC’s, Product and Dealing teams) to effectively and efficiently identify and realise client opportunities across the entire client book. We achieve this by adopting advanced “bionic” digital advisory capabilities far beyond 1st generation robo-advisory tools , to identify portfolio and product solutions based on client’s investment profiles , thematic preferences, product and portfolio risk attributes. Product, IC and Dealing teams supporting the RM’s are provided with built for purpose platforms to enhance, maintain bank wide multi-product white lists, ideas/research and product collateral as well as multi-provider price discovery, trade execution and subscription fulfillment capabilities that has seen over 1.5 Trillion USD of Public, Private and Digital Asset Investments transacted in the platform
AGDelta holds the rare distinction of holding both the HKMA and MAS Top FinTech awards in the same year at their respective FinTech Festivals. It is also a co-founder together with 6 other bulge bracket global investment banks of the industry consortium “Contineo” a multi-issuer Structured Investments platform that now services over 30 Private & Investment banks.

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