Mones Bazzy

Head of Private Banking Wealth Management

Name: Mones Bazzy
Title: Head of Private Banking Wealth Management
Organization: Bank of Sharjah – UAE

One of the most eminent and well-established figures of the banking and financial services industry with a career spanning over forty years, Mones Bazzy is a role model to everyone in his field of expertise. He started his journey in United Arab Emirates in 1998, when he moved from Paris to Abu Dhabi to restructure Merrill Lynch’s branch in the capital. He has been selected as one of the ten CEOs for the famous “Meet Us at the Top-Invest in Dubai” commercial that aired worldwide in 2003. In Dubai, he assumed the leadership role for the Merrill Lynch regional franchise, responsible for its branches in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Lebanon, with a Middle East portfolio exceeding $13.0 billion of assets under management. During this period, he grew the regional team of bankers and was responsible for hiring and coaching more than thirty bankers and wealth managers from diverse nationalities. Mones Bazzy is a member of the Board of Directors of Lucid Investment Bank in Lebanon.